New Music and Photography

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while. I have been recording new music like it's my job!
I also have been working on my photography! I'll post all this link all this fun stuff here:

You and I by Ingrid Michaelson (cover)
Blue Lips by Regina Spektor (cover)

My Flickr Photostream

Thanks for all the support! Please check out my songs and photo's and feel free to give feedback and requests!

Happy Blogging


New Song: Why

I just wrote a song. It's on the ukulele. I hope you like it. Check it out >>>MY SONG


Fall Features

These few clothing items will add wonders to your fall wardrobe! They are simple yet add a burst of fall into your outfit. Let's start!

1. This is a reversible fur vest that I purchased a while ago. It's SUPER soft but not real fur so you have have the comfort of soft material while saving animals and your money. Now it was a bit expensive, but I received it as a holiday gift last year. The item is currently unavailable on its side, but there are plenty of alternatives! Here is the original Reversible Fur Vest.

2. Although you cannot see the colors too well here, these cords are a perfect eggplant color. They are SUPER comfy and they look so sophisticated. They dress up and outfit and can even be worn with heels for a night out! I couldn't find the exact pair, but these pants would be a great option!

3. This is basic, the jean jacket. But this turquoise color puts a twist on it! It works with everything and is super cute. You can wear it over leggings or wear it over a dress. It's color is once again, PERFECT for fall and it could also work nicely in the spring. Here are other colors, but the same idea: Click this for the Jacket

4. Last but not least is this awesome cardigan from urban outfitters. It's such a nice fall color and it keeps you warm! I bought it on major sale, but here is the original!

Hope you liked my fall features! See you soon!


New Song!!!!!

Here is my new song:

It'll Get Better

 hope you like it!

copyright Talia Feldman 2012

Arugula Flatbread

Have you ever tasted a food and just felt like you were in heaven? With this delicious flatbread, I guarantee you will. It looks beautiful and tastes amazing. The description of it on the restaurant's menu read the following:

"onion marmalade & mozzarella cheese, baked & topped with baby arugula, marinated tomatoes & asiago cheese, tossed w/ virgin olive oil & lemon" 
Now let me speak about the ingredients. The flat bread itself is so yummy, crunchy, and flavorful. The onion marmalade gives it a sweet mouthwatering taste. The arugula gives it a tangy crunch, and its flavors are really brought out by the lemon juice. Then you have the tomatoes, which add a fresh burst of flavor to it, followed by the two cheeses: mozzarella and asiago. These are two creamy and nice cheeses thatd o not overwhelm the dish! I give it a ten! What about you?



Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so, so long. But, here is my post for today. Pretty soon I shall be in New York City! What to wear... Lately I have been using Polyvore to pick out my outfits, hope you like!


Fall is Approaching!

These last few days might be the last ones to enjoy wearing skirts, short sleeve tops, and sandals. Use those items of clothes to your advantage during this between seasons week. I paired a cute summery striped top with a olive green skirt that really welcomes in the fall color scheme. Lastly, my platform sandals have a cute floral print, bringing in the color of my skirt! Hope you like my outfit for this nice fall day! Add an inch, right?

Happy Blogging, TPB




Want to be Featured?!

Do you have a Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, or Blog that you want promoted here on TPB? It's easy! Here on the pinkbutton5, just last month I got 1,168 views. How would you like to get 1,168 views on your site? All you have to do is get an account of bloglovin.com and follow me, thepinkbutton5.blogspot.com. The first five people will be able to have their web address feautured on my home page for a month! Bloglovin is a fun website where you can follow blogs of your likings. They have food, photography, fashion, and many other types of blogs! I hope you do this and hopefully your page views will increase! You will even have a post with a shout out to you! Happy blogging!

Simple Spaghetti!

Are you hungry? Are you sick and tired of eating junk food for dinner, or having to spend my long making and cleaning your meal? Then this recipe is for you! It's simple, fresh, yummy, and quick. It can be made in under 15 minutes, and it's a quick clean up. I use thin spaghetti, but it's your choice. Just boil up some water, cook the pasta al dente and put it in a serving bowl. Now squeeze lemons over the pasta with some olive oil. Add salt and pepper, basil leaves, and kalamata olives. There you go!

Buen Appetit!


Summer 2012

After all these new posts, I forgot to tell you how my summer went! Camp was a blast and I had so much fun with all my friends. They're my best friend in the whole wide world and I love them to death! Going to sleep away camp for eight weeks gave me so much time to bond with them, and I loved every minute of it. I can't imagine my life without going to camp. I'd be such a lonely loser, but then again, camp has made me the loser that I am, but it hasn't made me lonely. And don't I love being a loser while still having friends!? We are losers together! And yes I'm talking about you bunk 49!!!!!!!! Here are some pictures of you are wondering how much fun I could really have.

My friend Netania and I going boating
Some my friends and I thought it would be funny to take a really intense photoshoot

My bunk, 49, on Zumba night!!!

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Mom,Cheap Shoes, and Summer Fun!

On a warm end of summer day, I enjoyed spending time with my BESTEST friend, my mother. We took some pics together and went shopping! ONLY 9.50 FOR THOSE SHOES! Have a nice labor day weekend, see you soon!