Lush's Mask of Magnaminty

As many of you know, I LOVE skin care products. The mask is SOOO amazing. Not only does it smell yummy and fresh, it feels sensational on your skin. It's minuteness sizzles on your face and makes  you look and smell amazing! Here are some pics!


ThePinkButton's 1st Birthday!

Today is a special day...


 One year ago, I was a thirteen year old who wanted to share her ideas with the world. Today, I am a high schooler who is very thankful for her many viewers. But let's take a step back. In the beginning, I wasn't sure that I would even get an audience. I was worried that people would make fun of the things I posted, so I held back. But with your support, I have become a happier person.

At first, I simply explained my reason for ThePinkButton. I began to write, nervously. "I'm sure that you all are wondering, "What is this blog called, ThePinkButton?" So I am here to answer your question. These are the main three points that explain ThePinkButton:..." Click here for the rest!

A big moment for me...

After a couple months of blogging, I started making D.I.Y projects.
This was my first, my 2012 idea list. On New Years eve i received a
notification telling me that someone commented on my post.
Even though it was quite nice to see that people were responding to
me, I would have never guessed who it was. My favorite blogger,
Elsie! her comment made me felt welcomed into the world of blogging. Check out this D.I.Y here. I even started making marks on the ideas I had fulfilled!

You were there for my 14th birthdaymy eighth grade graduation, and my first day of high school! I am so happy that you all were able to see me grow up!

My singing!

Even before I started blogging, I loved to write songs, but I would never think that I could post them to the world. Only ThePinkButton built up my confidence enough to be online. I was worried, scared to be vulnerable. I had seen singing video's on youtube,  and the terrible comments people make. I didn't want anyone to put me in that position. But once I posted that first song, I was so proud, and wanted to show my passion for songwriting and singing to the world. Wanna see my songs?


Waiting Alone 
Find My Way
It'll Get Better
I Miss You


You and I (Cover)
Blue Lips (Cover)
Hey Soul Sister (Cover Feat. Zack)
Your Song (Cover)
Almost Lover (Cover)
Put Your Records On (Cover Feat. Erin, Jamie, Chloe, Hayley, and Rachel)

Thanks for all your support and help with this! It has been an amazing journey that I hope to continue for many more years! 


Vanilla & Sugar Body Scrub

Today my friend Leora and I decided to welcome in the spirit of fall in with some deliciously amazing body scrubs. We also decorated them to give them a pop of autumn colors! The original recipe is on 'the thrifty mrs.' blog. Enjoy!

Mix 400 grams of light brown sugar, 50 grams granulated sugar,  1 tablespoon of  vanilla extract and  200 ml of olive oil. 

jar it up! and add a napkin for decor. 

make some labels! make your own fonts or look online for some!

and voila, there you go! it feels nice and smells great!

Just use it on wet skin and feel the smoothness!

Happy Autumn,
thepinkbutton5 and Leora



Hey everyone! This past summer, a sister to me went on a trip to Nicaragua. She is now entered in a photo contest for the different trips students took. Please vote for EILEEN CARTTER. She really deserves to win and the photo is very beautiful!!!!!!!

Click below to go to the voting site...





happy blogging,


Warm, Cozy, Fall Drinks!

Good morning, afternoon, or evening followers! Isn't it just a wonderful day? It's that time of year where we can walk and hear the crunching of leaves, the time to start watching abc family's holiday movies, and the time for... warm drinks! I just made a really yummy drink so here are some pictures, and ingredients...YUM!

I used coffee, chocolate powder, whipped cream, hazelnut flavored creamer, and more chocolate powder!


ps: head to this to hear an amazing cover of out your records on by my girl group!