Leaving For Camp

Now's that time of year where I leave for the best 2 months of the whole year, CAMP! This is the place where I spend time with friends, do amazing activities, and live in a dream. You couldn't believe the amount of excitement going around. It is a simply amazing feeling, getting in the car to ride to camp. It's THE BEST. I'm sorry to have to put thepinkbutton on hold, but most of you will be busy this summer anyways. Maybe I will give you an update for my mom to post with some pictures! I hope you all have an amazing summer filled with fun, happiness, and sun. I shall see you soon, and you will be hearing from me very soon. Here are some pictures...


Rainy Days and Thunder Storms

I used to be frightened by the sound of thunder. The lightening would just add mystery to it all. It would feel like the world was breaking, and I thought it was all "over," but now I think of it differently. The pitter patter of the rain is in a way calming. The thunder is kinda nice. The lightening's pretty cool. If you grab a cup of hot coco and a movie and you just relax, you got yourself a fine day!


5 Great Photo Apps!

iSometimes we are on the go when we want to take a picture! We forgot our camera at home and didn't eve have room for it anyways. Now we only have our Iphones/Ipads. What to do? No worries, we have our apps!

Camera apps are amazing. They give us effects and features to use on our pictures. They spice them up and even allow us to share the photo with others! Here are some of my favorites...

1. Instagram

                                                                                                                             BBC NEWS:

Instagram is perhaps the best photo app on the market. Not only does it have many effects to choose from, you can share it with your friends who have accounts! You can follow people and choose to have your account public or private. You can also comment and like other people pictures. 

2. Hipstamatic
Hipstamatic is a fun app that replicates a vintage style camera. You can purchase lenses, flashes, and films to make your photo extra unique. I love using this app, and it also connects right to Facebook!                                              ^^^boston.com^^^

3. Incredibooth

Incredibooth is a fun app that take photos in the style of a real photobooth.  There are four options for which  lens you want to use. They come out and automatically save on the app. 

Find my Way


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TPB Makes: Rice Krispy Treats!

fun times making these! 
heres the recipe:
We added color and also put pretty pearls on top!


My Visit with Zmira

YAY! Zmira has arrived. Zmira is one of my beloved camp friends. We decided to snap a few pics to save our experiences together. I think they came out beautiful!


A Hair "Fix"

Ever have those days where your hair is just plain old bleh? It somehow wont cooperate no matter what? Well, here are some tips to save the day-literally.


Step 1: brush it out.
Step 2: Find your part
Step 3: Spray and brush out dry shampoo, I use Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo
Step 4: Straighten hair.
Step 5: Pull back front pieces and tie in back, smooth with brush.



And It's Over

I have been at my school for 12 years, but now the time has come. I am going to high school. I will miss everyone so much and I can only hope that we will ALWAYS stay super close! I will love you guys forever and more.

just one big family

our school gift

graduation outfits!


Waiting Alone

Here's a song. I hope you like it!

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The Musicians Notebook

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is writing and performing music. I can express my feelings through them music I create and share them with my friends. Maybe I'll post some songs on the blog...what do you think? Comment below!


New Haircut/Color

                  This time, I went for the ombre effect. I love it! Hope you do too!



Forever Friendship

Forever Friendship

As the summer soon approaches us all, I can't believe how fast time has flied. My past months have been packed with adventures, good times, and happiness. If you have noticed, my blogging has slowed down dramatically. The past few weeks have been so busy finishing school work, and thinking about the future. Next year I will attend a new school, with new friends, and a fresh start. But this isn't my graduation post, it's one about something happening before my journey into high school, camp. Finally, after 11 long months waiting, it has come, the time of year I can relax and be with my best friends. This post is called forever friendship, for many reasons, one of which I want to share with you here. I recently realize how important it is to judge a person based upon who THEY are, not who PEOPLE say they are. Before assuming things about them, get to know them. I have this one friend, and for many reasons we never became close, because we both had weird feeling about each other. And so we went on, being friends, but never close because the situation we were in kept us far apart. Until one day, where we talked. For hours. And soon enough we realized how similar we were and how stupid it was that we hadn't had that talk sooner. Now we are closer then ever, and I can confide in her ANYTHING. So just remember, don't make false assumptions, because until you really meet the person, you don't get the chance to actually see who they really are.


How Sweet

Lately, I have been staying up far too late doing homework and other shananagans. Luckily, I have a team of one to three people who will stay up with me until I am finished. I am so thankful to have them. I'd probably fall asleep without them. All For now- Just a quick update.