I'm BACK; My Autobiography

HELLO! It has been so, so long! I have been doing something really special to me- writing an autobiography. I know I am yet to be 15, but I have big goals ahead of me. Here's a small passage from chapter one, which might make it more understandable to you.

"Most kids want to do nothing. They are satisfied with the television and some snacks. But not me, for some reason, it is so difficult for me to be happy with what I have done. I always want more, I want to make an impact. But being a fourteen-year-old girl, there’s not much I can go. No job to save lives, no news headings, no nothing. Just the norm. And I want to be far from the norm. So here I am, reaching for the unrealistic dream I so badly want. The waiting sucks, but I hope that someday I can look back and have a fulfilled feeling. So here I am, writing down everything, and hoping that maybe someone can relate, or someone finds this interesting. But the odd’s are not in my favor" 

So basically, this blog is used to blogger Talia. But I want to introduce the writer Talia, the dreamer Talia, the Talia I know so well! Please comment anything you want me to write about. From family problems, to questions about life, I love to connect and write what I feel. 

I am on chapter 4 in my book, and I hope that by next year I will have it done. Maybe, who knows, one day it will be published. That is the dream, and this is me dreaming. Thanks for listening! More to come VERY soon!

For amusement: My childhood!