WE GOT 5000!!!!!

First Day of School: How It Went

 After all the anticipation, finally my first day of high school came. I found myself getting around pretty well, and making new friends. Those are two plusses! I hope you all also have a great first day of school and I'll talk to you soon!


First Day of High School: Outfit

    As many of you were once or still are youngsters, you know the importance of a first day outfit. Although of course, your style is not the only first impression you give off, it's one that you may want people to recognize you by. It doesn't mean wearing a clown suit to school to always be known... it means wearing something that you feel comfortable in. If you wear something that you don't like, or is just uncomfortable you will feel self conscious the whole day, which pretty much STINKS!!!! Anyways, this is my first year in high school and my first year in public school, so that is my outfit!


'The Rope' Hair Twist

This new hairstyles seems to impress everybody! I enjoy it because it is simple yet elegant. Try it out with these instructions.

Enjoy the pics!


Real Simple Magazine

Hello world! I am back into the real world after an amazing summer away at sleep away camp. While it was an amazing experience, I am excited to be back to start high school. At the beginning of each school year, I feel like it is simply a time to re-organize and set goals. It is also a time to buy the necessities for the incoming year! This is where the title, real simple magazine, comes into play. Real Simple is a magazine that makes your life basically, real simple! This magazine is filled with tips, advice, solutions, recipes, and more. It makes it easy to have a fresh start. There statement is: Everyday life, made easier. Isn't that what we all want? I would recommend this magazine to all who are interested in taking a step back from the craziness of their every day schedule and making things simpler and starting things fresh. This magazine even makes me like doing things that I would normally not be too fond of, like cleaning! Anyways, I think you should all check out their website, and if you seem interested buy a magazine! I guarantee you will read it saying, "Oh!...I need this!...That is helpful!...That looks delicious!..." Yeah, thats it for today. I thought it was important for me to share one of my favorite things on TPB!

Happy Blogging!