Smile 365

I decided to add another page, called smile 365. What's this all about? You may ask. Well, once I read a book that had a bazillion things to be happy about, and I loved it! So, here is a something to smile about, every day, all year long.I hope you enjoy it. 

Day 1: The smell of a fresh, new textbook. It's a nice smell, when you are the first to open up a book. Say it's for Algebra, yum yum. It just smells like joy and happiness! 

Day 2: The moment when you are sipping a smoothie or shake, and you get a nice big chunk of yumminess through your straw!

Day 3: The fresh breeze on an extremely hot day that just bursts and feels amazing.

Day 4: Finding old photos from when you were just an teeny weenie young lad/las!

Day 5: Making new friends, no matter how awkward it may be.

Day 6: Going to a yoga class with a friend and not being able to contain your laughter.

Day 7: Walking into a nice hotel room, it being all clean, and organized just like you like it!

Day 8: The smell of new jeans, sort of like an old man, but with a twist.

Day 9: Watching 25 Days of Christmas on ABC on a cold day, with a hot chocolate, and of course a cozy blanket.

Day 10: Max and Ruby, Lizzie McGuire, The Amanda Show, and all those other wonderful childhood classics.