Jelly Lenses!

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading abeautifulmess.typepad.com, when I saw that she had posted on Jelly Lenses. They looked very cool, so I went on limb and bought them right there and then. I found a package on eBay and they arrived from China right when they said they would! They came out great and I am really looking forward to using them all the time! These are just a couple of my favorite pictures that I took on my computer using the lenses. They easily stick on and come off! If you are interested in which is which, and anything else, comment! Here is a link to their website: jelly-lens.com.

I purchased a package of 12 or 13 on eBay for less than 15 dollars! Here is that link: eBay package.

ps: We are almost at 2000 views! Thanks for all of your support! Happy blogging


Spring Fever!

Today, while in vacation with friends, we decided to take a break from the inside and head out. I had just purchased some new stuff from American Apparel and wanted to show it off. So here are the results!


3 Tips for a Better "Eye Picture!"

We all have seen it somewhere, the eye pic. It is one of my favorite things to photograph, and to be honest, it's not always so easy. So I have compiled a couple of tips to help you get the perfect eye pic!

1. Start of Simple. It is always an option to close up on a larger picture, rather than to start taking close up pictures. Try a simple, no effect picture. Make sure that the light it good and that your camera is well focused. Once you achieve the simplest of eye pictures, you are ready to move on! Remember, it may not always come out perfect on your first try. Test around with different sources of light, modes of your camera, and closeness. Practice makes perfect!

 2. Use Color! No matter what color of eyes you may have, it can be well complimented. Play around with different effects to boost/dull the color. Use what you have. If you/ your "model" has blue eyes, take advantage of it and really use the blue. Same goes for any other color of eyes. Don't try to change the color, just adjust it. (Unless of course, you actually are trying to change the color:)

3. Get Creative! Don't copy other peoples ideas, make up your own. Even the simplest things can make a picture so different. Use light sources, objects, and flashes to make your photos unique. Create your own ideas. No idea is not worth trying for these pictures.