5 Great Photo Apps!

iSometimes we are on the go when we want to take a picture! We forgot our camera at home and didn't eve have room for it anyways. Now we only have our Iphones/Ipads. What to do? No worries, we have our apps!

Camera apps are amazing. They give us effects and features to use on our pictures. They spice them up and even allow us to share the photo with others! Here are some of my favorites...

1. Instagram

                                                                                                                             BBC NEWS:

Instagram is perhaps the best photo app on the market. Not only does it have many effects to choose from, you can share it with your friends who have accounts! You can follow people and choose to have your account public or private. You can also comment and like other people pictures. 

2. Hipstamatic
Hipstamatic is a fun app that replicates a vintage stylecamera. You can purchase lenses, flashes, and films tomake your photo extra unique.I love using this app, and it also connects right toFacebook!                                              ^^^^^^

3. Incredibooth

Incredibooth is a fun app that take photos in the style of a real photobooth.  There are four options for which  lens you want to use. They come out and automatically save on the app. 
such a pretty flower with the drops and all

love the color and fuzz on the stems

these ones are almost dead from all the rain, so i had to catch them quickly!

these fall leaves were found, on the roof!

3 peas in a pod, or flowers on a plant?

sorry little man, but your time has come.

LOVE these. so pretty!

kinda boring, but unique, at the same time:)

i love the contrast between my skin color against the leaves.

what a nice color, don't ya think?!