National Clean Your Computer Day

Ok, so many new posts will be coming soon, but in the mean time...IT'S NATIONAL CLEAN YOUR COMPUTER OUT DAY! What more could you want? I think in one of my posts i said how important it is to sort things on your desktop into files.Well...

In my case, I seem to like the command shift four buttons. If you didn't know already, these take screenshots. And when you take them, they go directly to your desktop. So, I like to organize them by color, name, and categories. Some are named, pictures. Some, junk. But it is all there for when I need to find it easily. There is also a button to clean it up automatically, by just making them all symmetrical and neat. 

Clean up your documents by naming and moving them into files that they belong in. Try to close all web pages before shutting down your computer, to keep it speedy quick. And your computer has feelings too, so don't let it die without a charger by its side!

Thats it for now, MUCH MORE coming soon! 

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