Closet Organization

Today, I thought I might just put up a small post on closet organization. If you are like me, stuck with a small, cramped closet, this might help you out.

As you can see below, my closet is pretty simple. This may look normal, but you should have seen the bleh of it before! on the top rack that I have, I put all of my bags, wallets, and small carry on totes. This way, whenever I need my purse or a sleepover bag, I don't have to search EVERYWHERE. Then, I hung up all of the skirts int he middle. Since most of mine are pretty small, because I am only 13, they are best put int he middle, where they look organized. The longer things should go on the sides. I used the bottom for a space for my shoes. I try to keep them in boxes so that they stay neat, but I am pretty good at throwing them just about anywhere! On the closet door, I have a hook and over the door hooks. I put jackets on these. I also have a scarf/ belt rack. Thats about it for now. See you soon!

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