D.I.Y: Flower Pressing!

Hi guys. Sorry for such a long wait. I have been super busy drawing, idea making, and emailing about a new blog that I am trying to start soon. Anyways, in the mean time, I have planned some D.I.Y's! So here's the first. On my 2012 wishlist, I have written, "Press and frame the first 2012 flowers. Make them look nice and pleasant, and hang them up on a wall." So, instead of hanging them, I just framed them. but I got amazing results. This is a project that everyone can do, unless you live in alaska. Sorry viewers from alaska... Anyways...back to my subject. Heres what to do....
Simple Materials: 


1. Pick some nice flowers. I chose the ones from the first day of spring.

2. Stack books, place a paper, place flower (pretty side down), place paper, and more books!

3. Leave for a while. (I took them out after about 4-5 days.)

4. Cut paper and frame!

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