Arugula Flatbread

Have you ever tasted a food and just felt like you were in heaven? With this delicious flatbread, I guarantee you will. It looks beautiful and tastes amazing. The description of it on the restaurant's menu read the following:

"onion marmalade & mozzarella cheese, baked & topped with baby arugula, marinated tomatoes & asiago cheese, tossed w/ virgin olive oil & lemon" 
Now let me speak about the ingredients. The flat bread itself is so yummy, crunchy, and flavorful. The onion marmalade gives it a sweet mouthwatering taste. The arugula gives it a tangy crunch, and its flavors are really brought out by the lemon juice. Then you have the tomatoes, which add a fresh burst of flavor to it, followed by the two cheeses: mozzarella and asiago. These are two creamy and nice cheeses thatd o not overwhelm the dish! I give it a ten! What about you?

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