Fall Features

These few clothing items will add wonders to your fall wardrobe! They are simple yet add a burst of fall into your outfit. Let's start!

1. This is a reversible fur vest that I purchased a while ago. It's SUPER soft but not real fur so you have have the comfort of soft material while saving animals and your money. Now it was a bit expensive, but I received it as a holiday gift last year. The item is currently unavailable on its side, but there are plenty of alternatives! Here is the original Reversible Fur Vest.

2. Although you cannot see the colors too well here, these cords are a perfect eggplant color. They are SUPER comfy and they look so sophisticated. They dress up and outfit and can even be worn with heels for a night out! I couldn't find the exact pair, but these pants would be a great option!

3. This is basic, the jean jacket. But this turquoise color puts a twist on it! It works with everything and is super cute. You can wear it over leggings or wear it over a dress. It's color is once again, PERFECT for fall and it could also work nicely in the spring. Here are other colors, but the same idea: Click this for the Jacket

4. Last but not least is this awesome cardigan from urban outfitters. It's such a nice fall color and it keeps you warm! I bought it on major sale, but here is the original!

Hope you liked my fall features! See you soon!

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