Want to be Featured?!

Do you have a Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, or Blog that you want promoted here on TPB? It's easy! Here on the pinkbutton5, just last month I got 1,168 views. How would you like to get 1,168 views on your site? All you have to do is get an account of bloglovin.com and follow me, thepinkbutton5.blogspot.com. The first five people will be able to have their web address feautured on my home page for a month! Bloglovin is a fun website where you can follow blogs of your likings. They have food, photography, fashion, and many other types of blogs! I hope you do this and hopefully your page views will increase! You will even have a post with a shout out to you! Happy blogging!

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  1. Please email me with the address of your blog if you followed me!