Some Ideas for Decorating

1. Although this is home decor, it's still decor! Decorating your phone is like dressing your baby adorably, it's a must! Pick a case that is both durable and stylish. You can buy clear case online and decorate them with stickers and gems, and you'll have your own! This case is by Tech Candy, and came with another color to put underneath the top layer.

2. Use kitchen turntables! You can now easily turn and get a 360 of all your nail polishes, hair supplies, and more. It's affordable, lights, and come in many varieties!

3. Do you have any old records or cd's hanging around? HANG THEM UP! They look so cute on the wall!

4. Buy some canvas prints and hang them over your bed. They look so sophisticated and I hang them with a tack, easy! I got this one from ikea a couple years ago and finally put it somewhere it would be noticed!

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