Parfait in a Jar

While thinking of new posts, I thought of some issues us busy people may have. And so I began to think, what would make us stressed. Instantaneously, the thought of morning came to mind. Everyday, I miss out on the one thing that I need most because I am on the run- BREAKFAST. So I decided that an eco-friendly, yummy, and on-the-go morning meal would be quite helpful. It's very easy, and if there's no time for this is the morning, just put one in the fridge the night before. 

Start with fruits of your choice, yogurt, and granola. I used chopped strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. 

Next, use a mason jar, and layer your ingredients with yogurt between each fruit/granola layer. 

Add fruit to the top and you're done!


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