My Journal

To me, journals are more than just writing down what you ate for lunch on Tuesday, and more than just a bunch of pretty papers bound together, journals are a way for me to look back and compare, how things have changed, how I was feeling, and how was my year. I have been keeping an everyday journal since the beginning of this year, 2011, and I have no regrets. Sometimes I get upset when do not have the time to write, and I have to write down 4 days at once, but for me, the pro's outweigh the con's. 

What do I write about?

Usually it goes like this:

First, I start with "today..."Then a summary of what I did that day. How was school, homework, activities, things like that. Then, I usually explain how I felt that day. That is just about it!

It is worth it?

I say YES. Even though at times it is a pain, I a certain that when i am older I will really enjoy looking at one day in previous years. Even now, I sometimes look at a trip and get a giggle out of it. I am already on my second journal, and LOVING it:)

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