What is ThePinkButton?

I'm sure that you all are wondering, "What is this blog called, ThePinkButton?" So I am here to answer your question. These are the main three points that explain ThePinkButton:

1. A blog is a great way to share your ideas with people from all around, and I have always wanted to be able to do just that! ThePinkButton makes it easy for me to take my ideas, and spread them around

2.  Writing journal/blog entries, taking photos, making food, and creating new ideas have always been hobbies of mine. ThePinkButton is not only to show YOU, it also is really fun for me!

3. Sometimes it's hard to tell people your ideas in person when you are not so sure of them, but online, I feel like it is much easier to say what you really want to say. Making a blog online lets me feel better about my writing, photography, and overall "stuff."

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