As many of you may know by now, tomorrow is a very special day. 11-11-11. Even before I heard all of the "make a wish" stuff, I always was amazed by that time of day. The clock just looked perfect, all straight, parallel lines. It was just cool to know that that was the only time of day where all the numbers on the clock were the same. (Well at least us not going by military time;) Anyways, now that the date has come, why not celebrate this one of a kind day?  Even though all days will never come again, 11-11-11 just seems so special, so unique. Me being a very deep connecter in things like this, decided to make a list, a wish list. for each hour of the day, plus 11:11 and 11:11:11 I have written down a wish. Something I can look back on and see if it has come true- 

Here are some that I did:

8:00 am: I wish that I can make a change as I grow older.

2:00 pm: I wish that people could always change from their bad ways.

4:00 pm: I wish that someday people will look up to me. (Weird, as I wrote this a song said "SOMEDAY!"

I hope that my idea inspires you to do something special too;)

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