2012 Idea List

For this post, I was having trouble deciding, a how to or just an ordinary post? But after thinking it through, I decided to make it just a post for one simple reason. It is a project that has a deeper meaning than just an art project. It is something that took time, most of which was used thinking. Now I will explain what it is...

While reading one of my favorite blogs, I saw that she put ideas for the new year on flashcards and hung them up. Hers, I believe, were plain doodles, each that stood for someone, I guess. I put a twist on this. Here is how I did it...

1) I made a simple chart on Pages and filled each one in with something I wanted to do in the new year. They can be simple and short, or more in detail and long, as long as they fit into a 3x3 chart box.
2) I print them out. I madde about 48 of them...
3) I cut each one out. (it is easier to just cut them on eachother.)
4) using ordinary scotch clear tape, I lined them up on my wall. To make it easier, I drew lines wi a pencil first.

...And that is it!

Here are some ideas that I mentioned. But remember, be creative!

Cook a 5 star meal that consists of an appetizer, main coarse, and dessert for someone special.

Make more fuzzy, home made pillows. Give them to your friends and family.

Bake cookies and bring them for everyone on a cold, bitter day.

Visit the old people and record some stories. Then treasure them.

Press and frame the first 2012 flowers. Make them look nice and pleasant, and hang them up on a wall.

Here is a picture... I think it catches the eye and just looks cool in general...


  1. Talia, yet another amazing post. I swear, we have the same mind. Just a few nights ago, I stayed awake making 2012 resolutions. Your post gave me even more ideas! Thanks!

  2. Thank You!!! Resolutions are such an important thing to me, to try to stick with something for a whole year:) Hey, I should put, "seeing Ari!"

  3. Thank you for the sweet comment! Hope your week is lovely!
    xo, Elsie

  4. Elsie that comment just made me have a panic attack!!! Thank you SO MUCH.