Best Friends

Hey everyone! I know I have not been blogging for so lo, I have been working on this decorating project for a new post, so I decided to make a small post until it arrives. It is about best friends and what they are. I hope you enjoy, and can connect this to a best friend that you have...

Best friends. BFFS. Besties. BFFLS. Whatever you call them, they are simply you best friends. Imagine life without someone special there to guide you, hold your hand in tough times, give you advice, or just talk to. It seems like a pretty difficult thing. For as long as I can remember, I would not be able to keep a smile on my face without my best friends. They come in a car, a train, even a plane, to see you. They are devoted and committed to being there for you. They help you, and expect nothing big in return. They are truly your best friends. 
A fun time, a laugh, or even just a simple grin, they give you these things. They keep you on your track, and even if they don’t  always enjoy listening to everything, they still smile and nod, to show support. They inspire you to do things that you didn’t think you would ever do. They can total transform some part of you. They are best friends.
But it’s not only a one way road. You must be there for them, you must want to help them. They appreciate everything that you do for them, and you must appreciate what they do for you. It’s a give and take relationship. That is a best friend.

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