My Birthday Week

I have decided to start explaining more personal stories on thepinkbutton. I feel that it is important for you guys to actually be able to see my everyday life with words, and not just an outfit now and then. I am going to try to post almost every day. So we will start with the furthest back we could possibly go in my life, my birthday. Well, lets just say this, it was a painfully happy day. That is, for my mother... But skip fourteen years ahead and here we are. This year, my birthday week was filled with amazing surprises and good times! Earlier in the week I came home from school with my friends. we watched movies, painted nails, and eat chocolate covered strawberries and s'mores! Then we all went out for some good "turntable" sushi. If you have never been to one of these restaurants, basically sushi and other treats go around a giant table and you take what you want. You pay by the color of the plate that it is on. IT'S A TRULY SPECTACULAR INVENTION! I will attach photos at the end. Then during the weekend, I invited my 5 classmates for a super duper last minute party! we hung out, eat, and then got an amazing surprise. My friends dad drove up in a limo and took us all out for frozen yogurt! THANKS GUYS! We came back home and i video chatted with my camp friend for hours, the usual. And if you know me well enough, you would know that my birthday gifts were amazing. And I'm not talking physical gifts. I'm talking about all the wonderful surprises that people had in store for me. :)






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