My Submission for HelloGiggles!

Hey guys, I like to write about my views so here is one.

Submission for HelloGiggles
Embarrassment is Dumb.
Hello cyberfriends! My name is Talia, and I am a lover of living life. I like to write about my views on life so here we go. The first thing I want to talk about is embarrassment. If you perhaps are the kind of person that always has something embarrassing happening to you listen up! Whenever I feel a sudden ping of embarrassment in my system I shrug it off and think about it this way, I could either be embarrassed or I could simply embrace my own failure and laugh about it. I usually pick the second option. So what if you fart in public, or your fly is unzipped, laugh it off. Giggle it off. Start doing this and before you know it, you will be enjoying what you used to hate. Instead of others laughing at you, you are laughing together. The more the merrier. The happier the better! That’s it for now. And remember, embarrassment it dumb. See you next time!

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